Right from our inception we are driven by a zeal to improve the quality of life of the oppressed majority. Even if we have not been able to reach the entire population we atleast have succeeded in making s difference in the lives of some of the suffering unreached.

  Increased awareness of health and hygiene issues
  Increased the habit of savings by women SHGs
  Increased personal health status, capable of working for six days a      week from earlier four days
  Cleaner surroundings
  Increased personal hygiene


  Personal toilets for households and provision for electricity
  Community economic assets like wells, green cover and community      halls
  All girl-children going to school
  Children under our tutelage consistently scoring A grades
  Annually over 200 children qualify and join State-run Residential      Schools
  In many habitations schools have sprung up at our instances

  Women and youth recieved technical education
  Enabling them become self-employed


  Number of ancillaries set up
  Many women improved vocational skills

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